Research on the Workforce

Research in the field demonstrates that child outcomes are linked to the educational qualifications of their teachers and that the education levels of teachers, along with specialized training in early childhood education, predict child outcomes in the domains of learning and development. Not only do the children in their classrooms benefit from a better-educated teacher, but the children of these women will also see a different educational future.


Below are links to research articles and papers that address the education of the early childhood workforce, issues related to women in low wage careers and student success.


Accessing Career Pathways to Education and Training for Early Care and Education Professionals (Manhattan Strategy Group, October 2016)


Raising Our Nation - Forging a More Robust and Equitable Childcare System in America (Ms. Foundation for Women, 2016)


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Child Care Workers Aren't Paid Enough To Make Ends Meet (Economic Policy Institute 2015)


Rising to the Challenge - Building Effective Systems for Young Children and Families - A BUILD E-Book ( Build Initiative, 2015)


Transforming the Workforce for Children Birth through Age 8: A Unifying Foundation (Institutes of Medicine, 2015)

Transforming the Workforce for Children Birth through Age 8: A Unifying Foundation: Summary Areas of Recommendation


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