The Early Childhood Workforce

The U.S. early education workforce is composed of over 2.3 million individuals with big dreams and few resources. Many early educators:

  • Have little formal education beyond high school
  • Struggle with basic reading, writing and math skills
  • Are the first in their families to attend college when they go back to school
  • Earn poverty level wages without basic benefits like health insurance
  • Represent a high proportion of people of color and are 97% women
  • Work in environments without adequate support and with children who
    desperately need the absolute best early education possible

What we know about high-quality early childhood education is this:

  • It is directly linked to children’s long-term success in school and life
  • The education level of teachers working with young children has been shown
    to directly impact the quality of early childhood education that children receive.

Below is a statement about what we believe about the critical role of the early childhood workforce in the preparation of our young children, what they need to know and be able to do and how we as a nation can support their efforts.

The Critical Role of the Early Childhood Workforce in the Preparation of our Young Children