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Every day knowledgeable and well-prepared early childhood teachers are making a difference in the lifelong futures of our young children.  Free IMD tools (found in the toolkits below) are available to download, post and share. Use these open source tools to educate parents, friends, neighbors, community leaders, business owners, employers, elected officials, early childhood educators and more about the importance of early care and education and the impact an educated and effective early childhood teacher makes.



I Make a Difference for Young Children Campaign Webinar



IMD Toolkit for T.E.A.C.H. Projects
The IMD Toolkit for T.E.A.C.H. Projects includes a set of tools designed for T.E.A.C.H. Projects and templates to tailor for local use in sharing the importance of an educated workforce with recipients, sponsors, partners, higher education institutions, funders and more.



IMD Toolkit for Higher Education Faculty The IMD Higher Education Toolkit provides a set of tools and resources to support higher education faculty in using IMD materials as part of an early childhood college course, as support materials and/or to inform discussions, activities and assignments.


IMD Toolkit for Early Childhood Community The IMD Toolkit provides a set of tools and resources the early childhood community can use as tools to enhance public education and advocacy efforts, orientation materials for new employees, resource materials for professional development trainings, workshops and courses, information to include in family packets, research and strategies to post on bulletin boards and program websites and Facebook pages and more.